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the best of two worlds

I have a long background from business life, working with Human Resources and leadership development. I combine this experience with my knowledge of the body, mind & breath. Top performance is about a sharp and focused mind and a body that serves your needs. I can help you develop both.
No matter what you want to accomplish, be it work or private life, iit always starts with yourself. If you have a clear picture of who you are, good self-knowledge, you have a solid ground to start from.
All activities that I engage in involves to increase you self-awareness. To find out what motivates you. To make you aware of your strenghts and areas where you could improve. And most important to find out what is right for you. If you can be truthful to yourself you will see that things fall into place.

My mission is also to make you feel good. We need to constantly work on and process our lives so that we do not accumulate negativity, stress, bad temper, restlessness, sadness or discontent. All this takes up space in your mind and body and it denies you access to your intelligence, competencies and skills.

To stay sharp, focused and commited – it starts with Insidefirst
Leadership - Coaching

My background

With a bachelor in Organizational theory from Stockholm University I have held positions as:
  • Project Manager for Assessment Centers
  • Head of Leadership Development Institute
  • HR-Director
  • Talent Management Director
Since 2009 I have my own business, Insidefirst, where I work with personal development, group dynamics and leadership development.

I have participated in three different yoga teacher trainings. One in vinyasa flow. The other in Anusara-inspired hatha yoga (RYS 200) And the third in Kundalini yoga. At the moment I am finalizing the Kundalini yoga teacher training level II (RYS 500). You can read my full Curriculum on Linkedin.

My person

I am Swedish, born 1969. Since 2005 I live in Denmark, north of Copenhagen.
I have proven to be responsible, reliable and driven, always delivering and completing my tasks with high quality and on time. If needed I come across as strong, confident and convincing.

In my work with people assessment & development I have been complemented that I am a warm, wise, insightful and trustworthy person. I treat others with respect and I can communicate the truth in a constructive manner. I am analytical; I see patterns and what lies behind.

my choices

When I was 10 years old my mother took me to a Trancendental Meditation course. Growing up we meditated daily. My mother is convinced that my high performance in school was due to the meditation practice. And since then I have used meditation as a method to stay on track in life.

My daughter was born in 2006. She had a very rough start in life. She was sick and needed a lot of attention. Having her changed my priorities in life. Again I turned to yoga & meditation to stray strong. I quit my job as Talent Management Director for a big corporation and started my own business, Insidefirst where I among other things use yoga and meditation as tools for self-development. Read more about yoga here.
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