Body, mind and breath

Yoga works the body through - stretches, that makes you flexible and supple and muscle toning, that strengthens your body. To keep your body in shape it is important to have a balance between a strong and a flexible body. A strong but tight body can give injuries and pain and the same goes for a flexible but week body.

Meditation is the ultimate activity to stay on top of life. With all the demands in everyday life it is important to stay sharp, focused and in contact with yourself. Regular mediation practice gives increased awareness, you get better at prioritizing and to drop that witch is not important. Meditation does not need to be complicated. There are many different techniques that can help you in everyday life.

If you can control your breath you can control your wellbeing. The way we breathe has a profound impact on our mood and stress level. Breathing the right way can make you feel good, happy, fresh and relaxed. The breathing exercises also increases your lung capacity and therefore helps you increase your cardio fitness.

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The most powerful way to change or improve something about yourself is to work with both your mind, (your thoughts and feelings) and your body. The body has a memory of it´s own and it stores old experiences and emotions. If you want to break a pattern you shold use your mind to "know" what you need to do and then you should work with your body to make it happen.
In my coaching sessions I can provide you with different techniques to help you solve your specific needs and wishes.
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Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that works with the body through stretches, muscle toning and numerous repetitive movements. The exercises are in themselves not complicated. Everyone can join. You can decide for yourself how powerful you want the yoga to be.

Many of the exercises focuses on the spine, which is our body’s central channel for energy. In Kundalini yoga we work with powerful breathing exercises. These exercises increase you lung capacity and improve your cardio fitness. The intense breathing exercises raise your energy level and give you clarity and focus. In Kundalini yoga we cultivate qualities of endurance, concentration and willpower.

Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga is done in series. We ”flow” between the positions helped by our breathing. The exercises are a combination of muscle toning and stretching. The key in Vinyasa yoga is to work the positions in synchronisation with the breath. In this way we control and deepen our breath, which gives us inner strength, calm and clarity.

Vinyasa yoga uses a broad variety of exercises, for beginners up to advanced practitioners.

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga constitutes mainly of long deep stretches where we stay in each position for some time. We enter each position with precision and technical know-how. We explore the sensations in each position, physical as well as mental.

The tempo is slow and can challenge your endurance and concentration. We work restlessness out of the body. Hatha yoga has a relaxing and soothing effect.
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Yin yoga

Yin yoga is a passive and very relaxing form of yoga. We don´t use any muscle power but do our best to give in to the stretches and relax. Yin yoga is mostly done sitting or lying down. It is composed of long deep stretches where we stay in each position for several minutes.

The focus is on the body’s tendons, ligaments and facia. Yin yoga takes away tension in the body and is very de-stressing.
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