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Leader coaching

You come to me with one or several issues, questions, needs or wishes that you want to solve, improve or clarify. I ask questions and provide you with guidance and a framework. We look into obstacles and opportunities. We identify what lies behind and together we figure out the way going forward.
Leadership - Coaching

Inside coaching

Do you need to take a difficult decision? You come to me with an issue, a question, a need or a wish and together we release you potential and find a solution. I ask questions and provide you with framework and guidance and you find the answers. We go to the core of the issue and we set a goal.
Leadership - Coaching


If you want to take extra good care of yourself you should have a look at the activities on this page. Here you can read about my yoga retreats and vacations. Wonderful opportunities to detox, recharge and enrich your body and soul. Retreat - a place to relax and just be. To take time for yourself, experience and enjoy the activities. 
Leadership - Coaching
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