inside coaching

Do you want to improve or change parts of your life?
Do you want to discover your strengths, your desires or what makes you happy?
Do you need to take a difficult decision?
Do you have a dream but something is stopping you from going for it?
Do you need to perform in a field and there is something in the way?
Do you need to solve a conflict at work or in the family?
Do you need to reduce your stress load in life?
Do you have sorrows that you want to overcome?
Do you have a bad temper you can´t control?
Or do you….

If the elevator tries to bring you down, go crazy, punch a higher floor….!         (Prince)

This is it. Inside sessions are here to help you punch that higher floor. To improve, excel, evolve, develop, elevate and make your dreams come through.
Leadership - Coaching
Leadership - Coaching

How it works

You come to me with one or several issues, questions or needs that you want to solve or clarify. I ask questions and provide you with a guidance and a framework. Coaching is more than a dialogue, it is a specific and powerful method where we;

Set goals/intentions
Look into the obstacles
Gain new insights
Break patterns
Find new possibilities and solutions
Ensures a committment and a way going forward
I offer you my experience in the field of self-development. I provide you with relevant theories and practial tools. I give you the opportunity to work with your body, mind & breath. All after your preferences and wishes.
I do not judge, but help you develop new insights and find new possibilities and solutions in your life.

when and where?

Each session last 1,5 hour.

Introduction session is for free. We meet, talk and decide how and if we want to go forward.
You can then choose to pay for single session or buy a package of 6 sessions.

We conduct the sessions at Insidefirst, Vallerødgade 6B, 2960 Rungsted Kyst.
Coaching can be provided in english, danish or swedish.
Telephone coaching is also a possibility and at times very efficient.
Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down? Oh, no let's go!               (Prince)
Insidefirst | Vallerødgade 6B, 2960 Rungsted