Slow down to speed up

A workshop about
personal effectiveness & wellbeing

Due to the speed of change, access to information and digitalisation, the abilities to reflect and to keep once focus are becoming increasingly important. It is necessary to give one self some time to ”think” and to contemplate ones experiences in order to be able to prioritize and be effective. To be effective does not necessarily mean to work more or longer days. “Work smarter, not harder” is a good expression. In this workshop we offer insight in to how this can be done. Your own wellbeing is closely connected with your ability to reflect and prioritize. If you are in good contact with your thoughts and feelings, know your needs and are able to put structure and boundaries for you life, you will increase your wellbeing.

The workshop offers theoretical knowledge, inspiration and practical exercises.
You will be give tools that can be used in everyday life.

The length of the workshops is 3,5 to 4 hours. Depending on the amount of time to be used in group conversations.
Insidefirst | Vallerødgade 6B, 2960 Rungsted